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Educational Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I report a problem I’m experiencing in a classroom?
A. Call the Educational Technology Office at: 203-285-2221 or 52221 from any campus phone.

Q. Can I connect portable devices to the classroom's fixed projection systems?
A. Each credenza is equipped with a HDMI, VGA, and 1/8" audio cable for connecting external equipment to the system. Users with portable devices such as Mac computers, iPads and mobile devices must provide their own adaptor.

Q. Why can’t I play a DVD I have purchased in another country on the DVD players in the classroom?
A. Region codes permit movies to be released at specific times around the world to prohibit copyright violation.

Q. How do I connect my Mac laptop to the multimedia classrooms?
A. You must provide your own adapter for your laptop. We do not keep these in our inventory

Q. Do you supply blank media for audio cassettes, CD Players, or Mini DV Camcorders?
A. We do supply blank media if you only need one copy. For multiple copies, you must provide your own.

Q. Does Educational Technology provide podiums?
A. No, but podiums can be requested through Gateway Community College Maintenance department.

Q. Can I reserve a classroom through the Educational Technology Department?
A. No, but classroom reservations can be reserved through Charlene Thomas.

Q. How do I request any equipment that might not be present in one of the rooms?
A. You can find the form to request equipment here. Please complete the form and hand the form in person to the Educational Technology Department. An Educational Assistant will go over your event with you personally. For larger events utilizing specialty classrooms (ex: N100) please allow a lead time of two weeks for preparations.

Q. Can I get software (ex: Microsoft Office) for my laptop?
A. Yes, please see the Informational Technology Department in N323.

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