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eReader Guide: Kindle eBooks by Subject

This guide is designed to provide the information about eReader policies and eReader sources for the students, faculty, and staff at GWCC.

eReader - KINDLE eBooks by Subject


 Science & Technology          back to top

  1. Allies and Enemies: How the World Depends on Bacteria
  2.  Curiosities of the Sky
  3.  The Darwinian Hypothesis
  4.  The Einstein Theory of Relativity
  5.  Elements of Chemistry, In a New Systematic Order, Containing all the Modern Discoveries
  6.  The Evolution of Man Volume 2
  7.  Fathers of Biology
  8.  The Future of Astronomy
  9.  History of Astronomy
  10. Myths and Marvels of Astronomy
  11.  The New Physics and Its Evolution
  12. On the Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or, the Preservation of Favoured Race…for Life
  13. Popular Lectures on Zoonomia Or The Laws of Animal Life, in Health and Disease
  14. A Practical Physiology
  15. Science & Education
  16. Sidelights on Relativity
  17. Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata
  18. Time and Life

  Social Sciences         back to top

  1. Apology                        
  2. The Art of War
  3. Common Sense
  4. The Critique of Practical Reason
  5. Crito
  6. Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners
  7. English Literature, Considered as an Interpreter of English History Designed as a Manual of Instruction
  8. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
  9. Ethics
  10. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  11.  Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals
  12.  The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age
  13.  Homer and Classical Philology
  14.  Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato
  15.  Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1)
  16.  Laws
  17.  Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project
  18.  Meaning of Truth
  19.  The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates
  20.   The Mysteries of Free Masonry Containing All the Degrees of the Order Conferred in a Master's Lodge
  21.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 02: the Isle of Manhattoes and nearby
  22.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 04: Tales of Puritan Land
  23.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 05: Lights and shadows of the South
  24.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 01: the Hudson and its hills
  25.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 03: on and near the Delaware
  26.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 06: Central States and Great Lakes
  27.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 07: Along the Rocky Range
  28.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 08: on the Pacific Slope
  29.  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land Volume 09: as to buried treasure
  30.  Pictures of Jewish Home-Life Fifty Years Ago
  31.  Politics: A Treatise on Government
  32.  The Republic
  33.  Utopia
  34.  Young People, Ethics, and the New Digital Media: A Synthesis from the Good Play Project
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