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eBooks: ebrary eBooks

Access to ebrary eBooks

Features– Use simple or advanced search

  1. Open a document– Click on the title name or jacket.
  2. Explore the document– Navigate to search terms, search for key words, jump to relevant chapters, flip through pages.
  3. Highlight text and take notes– Create a bookshelf (if needed) to save and organize your research.
  4. Use InfoTools– Link out to other online resources to expand your research.
  5. Print pages, and copy and paste text– Provide automatic citations with a URL hyperlink back to the source.
  6. Manage, archive and share research – Organize your bookshelf and email folders to peers.
How to Find ebrary eBooks

A collection of full-text electronic books with over 28,662 titles from reputable publishers in multiple academic subject areas that allows you to browse, search, copy or print.

Video Demo - Quick Start: An overview of ebrary’s key features

How to download ebrary eBooks to your iPad or iPhone

If you are iPad or iPhone user, then you can download ebrary eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions, then transfer the eBooks to your device and read with  Bluefire app or ebrary app.

  • Click on Sign In in ebrary using your myCommNet ID and password
  • Create your Adobe ID and download Adobe Digital Editions
  • Create your iTunes Account, and download Bluefire from App store on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Search ebrary eBooks through your ebrary account (same as myCommNet account), and select option to download either one chapter or entire book.
  • For the entire book option, you can download unlimited use titles only. (Click HERE for more information)
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer, open iTunes and sync your device.
  • Click on the Apps tab and go to file sharing, then click on Add,  and select the title you want to transfer, it should load in your iPad or iPhone
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