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Library Collection Development Policy

Gateway Community College Library - Subject Librarians     (Contact us:  tel: 203-285-2057; fax: 203-285-2055)

Allied Health         Martha Lipowski
Anthropology       Jian Yang
Biology                   Conor Perrault

Black History       
Todd Hampton
Business                Todd Hampton 

BOT                         Todd Hampton
Chemistry              Conor Perrault
Communication   Lillian Maisfehlt
Computer              Conor Perrault
DARC                       Martha Lipowski
Earth Science        Conor Perrault
Economics             Jian Yang
Education              Lillian Maisfehlt
Engineering          Lillian Maisfehlt

English                  Todd Hampton
ESL                          Jian Yang

Foreign Lang.       Miguel Garcia
General                  Clara Ogbaa
Gerontology         Martha Lipowski
History                   Mike Cifferelli
Hospitality            Lillian Maisfehlt
Human Services  Martha Lipowski
Law                         Todd Hampton
Literature              Todd Hampton
Mathematics         Lillian Maisfehlt

Music                      Conor Perrault
Nursing                  Martha Lipowski
Philosophy            Mike Cifferelli

OER                         Jian Yang
Peace Studies       Miguel Garcia

Physics                   Lillian Maisfehlt
Political Science   Mike Cifferelli
Psychology            Lillian Maisfehlt
Religion                  Mike Cifferelli
Conor Perrault
Sociology                Lillian Maisfehlt

Statistics                 Lillian Maisfehlt
Study Skills            Lillian Maisfehlt

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