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IDS114 Foundations of Academic Inquiry: Home

A course guide to resources for IDS 144 - Foundations of Academic Inquiry

Responsibility and Choice - Introduction

Suggested Texts

College Success - Open textbook.  Available free online, this open resource is designed to help you succeed in college.

Morality Play: case studies in ethics, by Jessica Pierce.  Publisher's description: "An ideal supplement for courses on ethics, Morality Play: Case Studies in Ethics features the most thought-provoking themes in ethics today. Issues surrounding topics such as crime and punishment, life and death, habitat and humanity, liberty and coercion, and value and culture."  Available from

Ethics and College Student Life: a case study approach, by Kenneth Strike and Pamela Moss.  Publisher's description: "This unique hands-on guide uses a highly effective case approach to explore specific, reality-based examples of the complex, controversial, and difficult ethical issues that students face on college campuses today–e.g., plagiarism, racism and hate speech, date rape, alcohol abuse."  Available from

The Kohlberg Dilemmas.  Available online from Haverford College.


Course Description

 “Responsibility and Choice” Most of us want to do what’s “right,” and we also expect other people to act as we do; however, sometimes it's difficult to decide what is right. What are our moral and ethical responsibilities to ourselves and to society at large? In this seminar, we'll read several selections (fiction and non-fiction) that depict moral and ethical dilemmas, situations in which a person has to make a difficult choice, and we'll analyze what it means to act morally, ethically, and responsibly in our world today.

Ebooks at the library

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