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A collection of tips and tricks created by faculty for faculty teaching online

OneNote & Class Notebook


OneNote is a digital notebook made up of sections and pages. It is part of our free Microsoft 365 programs. It is easily accessible for students and instructors from any device. App versions available.

Educators can:

  • Use it as a whiteboard during LRON or for video lessons

  • Distribute notebooks (with sections and pages) to students to do group work or individual work

  • Create a content library with handouts for classes

  • Create lessons and activities for sharing or demonstrating

  • Use the program on any device and all actions are saved to the Microsoft 365 cloud

  • Upload files, videos, images, etc to pages for easy reference or annotation

  • Record audio attachments, make sketches/drawings with a stylus, type information on the page, or annotate right on any attachments (with a stylus or textbox)

  • Use it to easily accommodate students with accessibility requirements (closed caption)

  • Collect work from students and annotate right on the assignment

  • Use it to provide individualized support and allow students to be creative with assignments

  • Use it to share documents with other colleagues and collaborate on projects/initiatives/curriculum

  • Integrate it in Microsoft TEAMS

Students can:

  • Collaborate with others in a safe place and share their work with their instructor

  • Submit work and get individualized feedback

  • Use it to keep an organized digital notebook for class

  • Submit assessments to their instructor

  • Create projects with or without separate sections

  • Use it to take notes, collect documents, or present information


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Summary provided by: Teresa Cull, Assistant Professor of Dev. Math,

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