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Online Teaching and Learning

A collection of tips and tricks created by faculty for faculty teaching online
Features ECHO 360 Blackboard collaborate Additional  Inforamtion
lecture capture yes yes  
classroom capture yes no ECHO 360 captures you computer screen and you in the classroom. Students then get 2 views to use when listening to the lecture
integration with powerpoint yes no ECHO 360 can put a separate ribbon in blackboard that allows the instructor to add activities (questions) to any powerpoint you currently use 
direct import from powerpoint to plateform yes no Once you produce a powerpoint with activities you can import directly into ECHO 360 from powerpoint.
powerpoint lectures can be loaded into plateform for students to use while you are taping. yes no  
polling yes yes  
question intergration in powerpoint yes no  
types of question multiple choice (image inssertion), image, order list, equations multiple choice,yes/no ECHO allows images to be put in questions.
Ability to make questions before class yes no questions are integrated into you powerpoint
Live chat or questions yes, but anonymous yes  
Students can note take  yes no  
students can post a confusion flag yes no  
ADA captioning yes, but we don't have it available yes  
built in white board no yes  
Create video from home yes yes  
Analytics yes yes ECHO 360 allows you to look at the entire class  and individual student performance, by individual day, overtime and both numerically and graphically. You can tract views of videos and overall engagment of students and classes.
Invite guests yes yes  
Students can talk to you during presentation no yes  
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