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Online Teaching and Learning

A collection of tips and tricks created by faculty for faculty teaching online

Using the Blackboard Roster

How is the Blackboard roster populated?

  • Students are assigned to Blackboard through registration (Banner integration)

Why should the roster be checked?

  • Due to Banner integration issues students may:
    • Not be enrolled in the Blackboard course
    • Dropped from the course by the system
    • If a student chooses to drop the course they may not be removed from Blackboard

When should faculty check the roster?

  • A week before classes start to ensure students have access
  • After the Add/drop period
  • After the NP process is complete
  • After re-enrollment from the NP process

How do faculty check the roster?

  • Compare Banner and Blackboard Rosters
  • Open the Banner > Self-Service > Class Lists and Roster > View/Print Class Roster
  • Open Blackboard > Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users > Show All
    • Do not use the Grade Center

Next Steps…

  • If a student is on the Banner roster and not in Blackboard
    • Submit a Service Now ticket > Category (Learning Management) and Assignment Group (BIS-Managers)
  • If a student is on the Blackboard roster and not in Banner
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