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Gateway Library Events: 2015 Fall Library Book Club


Go Set a Watchman

The Girl on the Train

Discussion Questions: The Girl on the Train

1. The chapters alternate between the three narrators, Rachel, Megan and Anna and move back and forth in time. Did you like this format? Do you think the structure helped to maintain the twist and the secrets?

2. Which narrator did you find to be the best guide?

3. The reader realizes from the very beginning of the novel that Rachel is a troubled character, who is very unhappy. How do you feel towards Rachel? Do you sympathize with her? Do you feel sorry for her?

4. How would you have reacted if you’d seen what Rachel did from her train window – a pile of clothes-just before the rumored disappearance of Megan Hipwell? What might you or she have done differently?

5. During the novel Scott starts to rely on Rachel. What do you think of their relationship? Why do you think Scott turns to Rachel? Are you surprised by his behavior?

6. Do you pick up on any clues in the interaction between Tom and Rachel as to the true nature of their relationship? How did you perceive the way Tom acts once everything is revealed at the end?

7. Did you know who the killer was before it was revealed? Who did you suspect it was leading up to the end? How did you feel when you found out the truth?

8. At the end of the book everything is revealed to the reader and the characters explained. Did it change how you felt about Rachael? Did it affect the way you thought about all of the events leading up to that moment?

9. What was your favorite part of the book?

10. Thoughts about the book? Would you recommend it to a friend?

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