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ART151 Painting I & II: Films on Painting

This library course guide is designed for providing students with information and resources in ART151 Painting I.

What is FOD?

Films On Demand is a streaming video platform which provides educational films that can be shown in their entirety without fear of copyright and can be incorporated into your classroom or online curriculum via Blackboard.

Oil on Canvas Series
This six-part series explains and demonstrates the art and science of painting—how light, distance, and perspective are achieved, and why brushstrokes, composition, and color are important. In each program, a different contemporary artist creates an original finished work. The thinking behind the creativity and skill becomes apparent, as each brushstroke is applied to canvas. The discussion makes frequent use of examples drawn from the masters of world art. 6-part series, 30 minutes each.

Gateway Library & Learning Commons | 20 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510