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Educational Technology

About the Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Educational Technology is dedicated to providing computer labs for student use, which are available daily year-round. However, operational hours when labs are open adjust between semester and non-semester sessions. There are open labs in both the north and south buildings, in rooms: N200, N322 and S213. As a student-run space, we believe respect is of the utmost importance so that this resource can remain a positive study environment for the entire student body. Please be conscious of the fact that this is a student study environment, and treat the space as a shared resource, leaving it as clean as you found it and following the rules posted for conduct. Please be aware that the lab assistants are there to help you, to maintain the space and to uphold the rules of the space. For further resources, visit Educational Technology in N318.


Semester Hours

Days N200 S213 N322
Mon-Thur. 7am-9pm 7am-9pm 9am-10pm
Friday 8am-8pm 8am-7pm Closed
Saturday 8am-1pm 9am-12pm Closed

Intersession Hours

Days N200 S213 N322
Mon-Thur. 8am-8pm Closed 8am-8pm  
Friday 8am-5pm Closed 8am-5pm         
Saturday Closed Closed Closed


Special Software and Computers

Lab Specialty Profile
N200 Apple iMacs w/Adobe CC, Snap 2016, AutoCAD, Keyboarding, Movie Maker, Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5, Raptor
N322 Quickbooks Pro 2014, Movie Maker, Adobe CC, Adobe Acrobat, Java JDK, GIMP, Oracle Database, Raptor, Python
S213 Apple iMac w/ Adobe CC, Notepad++, MS Visio Pro 2013, Cisco Packet Tracer


Student must sign in at the lab assistant station with their name and banner ID number.
  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink in the labs.
  • Cell phones must be silent, and phone calls must be taken outside of the lab.
  • Students must use "inside" or quiet voices at all times while in the lab.
  • Computer labs are not to be used for class sessions or group meetings.
  • No excessive printing. There is a limit of 25 pages per day and a total of 500 for the semester.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended in the lab. Lab assistants are not responsible for your property.
  • Please save all of your work to your own flash drive. Students should not download or save anything on the lab computers. The computers are reset each night and your files will be lost.
  • At all times, be respectful of the space, the lab assistants, and your fellow students.
  • When you are finished using the computer, you must log off, flip the paper over, and push the chair in. Please clean up after yourself.
  • Do not leave your belongings in the lab. Educational Technology and our lab assistants are not responsible for your property.
  • No excessive printing. Power Points should be limited to 3 slides per page. Each student has a limit of 500 pages per semester and 25 per day.
  • The open labs are not hang out spots.
  • Use headphones and keep the volume level low.
  • Lost flash drives should be brought to Educational Technology in N-318. For other lost items, please check the lost and found box in the lab or the lost and found at the north building (George Street entrance) security station.
Gateway Library & Learning Commons | 20 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510