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TV Studio

TV Studio imageTelevision Studio
Did you know that Gateway has a room dedicated to learning to create your own professional productions, utilizing in our state-of the-art television studio?

The classroom N310 is a fully-equipped studio space with cameras, a production switcher, lighting grid, soundboard, broadcast graphics station, teleprompter and much more.

The classroom is split into 3 sections: the control room, the green room, and the studio:

  • The studio is where the main action happens, and the largest of the three spaces. It holds 2 professional cameras that are connected to the control room, over 20 audio input slots, a full lighting grid and tv-ready teleprompter. Two of the studios walls are completely covered by blue and green curtains that can be used for Chroma key compositing.
  • The control room is where the production switcher, broadcast graphics station and sound board are located. The sound board can be controlled remotely using our iPad so you can make adjustments from the studio floor if need be. There is also a tally/call system complete with headsets so you can communicate with the people in the studio. This is where the audio and video is blended into a final product.
  • The green room is mainly used for staging any talent that is going to be recorded. There is a preview monitor set up so you can see what is being filmed within the soundproofed studio.

The television studio is top-to-bottom an amazing resource for Gateway, and allows a space for writing and producing your own projects for television, and will provide you with an opportunity to experience the full range of crew positions needed for a career in the field.

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