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Educational Technology

Digital Signage

Gateway Community College currently has a campus-wide digital signage system that displays on various LCD televisions located across the north and south campus. The digital signage system displays college event bulletins, national news, college notices and emergency information.

If you are a faculty or staff member and would like the Educational Technology Department to build a sign for an upcoming event, deadline, or course offering, just complete our video fax campus form, and we will be in touch if we have any problems.

If you have photos you want use to use on the slide, great! We can use .jpg, .psd, .png, or .gif  files. These files cannot exceed 10MB. You can attach these to the digital slide request form.

If you have completed slides you would like to play on screens across campus, the video fax campus form covers that, too.
If you build a slide from scratch, you must ensure that the finished product meets these specifications:

  • landscape 16 x 9 aspect ratio (width x height); signs submitted in portrait layout WILL NOT be posted
  • 72 px/inch resolution
  • .png format preferred; can also take .jpg/.jpeg
  • no larger than 5Mb

If the slide does not meet these specifications, you will have to redesign the slide.
Please bear in mind that completion of this form constitutes a request, not an order.


For additional information on this system, stop by the Educational Technology Office in N318.

Technical Problems

To report a technical problem with a digital sign (i.e., the screen is blank or flickering) in your area, contact:
Educational Technology Department at (203) 285-2221 or x52221

Gateway Library & Learning Commons | 20 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510