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Educational Technology

Anchor Speaker
Portable speaker to amplify sound. These speakers are ideal for use in medium-sized rooms.

Boom Box
Can play CDs, cassettes, and AM/FM radio.

BluRay / DVD / VCR
The Blu-Ray Players at Ed Tech can play media from DVDs and USB drives in addition to the proprietary Blu-Ray discs.

Classroom Response System
Consists of individual remotes that students use to respond to questions in real-time and collects the response data.

Digital Camera
A camera that records and stores photographic images in a digital form.

Digital Document Camera

Real-time image capturing device for displaying an object to a large audience.

Digital Presenter (Clicker)

Also known as PowerPoint clickers, these devices act as a hand-held remote control for PowerPoint and are widely used by instructors to control their presentations freely, and also include a laser pointer.

Zoom Audio Recorder 

The Zoom Recorder is used to record audio directly from the source. It contains its own SD card where the recordings are stored and can then be moved to a computer or flash drive.

Headphone / Headset

The LogiTech headsets are designed for speaking and listening, and are ideal for programs such as Rosetta Stone and Speech Recognition.

Blue Snowball and Snowflake Mics

The Blue Snowball (larger) and Snowflake (smaller) are USB mics designed for recording voices, so they are great to use for podcasts or meetings.

The Snowball is useful for recording multiple speakers, while the Snowflake is very portable and ideal for one individual.

Laptop Computer

The laptop computers at Ed Tech are equipped with Windows 7 and Windows 10. These are designed for individual requests; please see the Mobile Computer Lab section if a large number of laptops is needed.

LCD Projector

A video projector for displaying video, images, or computer data on a screen or other flat surface.


A microphone that amplifies speech in a classroom setting.


There are multiple mic types available:
Handheld mics are most commonly used for events at the college. Headset mics are attached to a small receiver and worn on the speaker's head, while lapel mics come with a clip for attaching to a lapel or shirt collar for hands-free speaking in an event setting. Podium microphones connect directly to podiums for public speaking.

Mobile Computer Lab

A cart with 24 laptop computers.


Overhead Projector

A device that projects an enlarged image or a transparency placed on it onto a wall or screen.

Portable PA System 
A sound amplification system used to allow a person(s) to address an audience at a greater volume. Consists of a microphone, amplifier, and a loudspeaker.

Projection Screen

This screen can be transported to a location that does not otherwise have a projection screen to be used with one of our projectors.

Smart Podium

Interactive computer display that allows an instructor to annotate or highlight parts of a projected page.

Slide Projector

A piece of equipment used for displaying physical photographic slides on a screen.

Turntable / Record Player

Turntables/record players are in limited quantity but can be requested in advance.


A three-legged stand for supporting a camera or other apparatus.

For more information on filming and recording services, please see the Media/AV Services page.

Video Camera
- A camera for recording images on an SD or for transmitting them to a monitor screen.

For more information on filming and recording services, please see the Media/AV Services page.

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