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Educational Technology


As more course content has moved online, sharing video files has become an excellent supplement to distance learning and teleworking. If you have any DVDs necessary for teaching your class, Ed Tech offers a digitizing and duplication service for this purpose.

To have your DVDs digitized, please drop them off in our office between 8am - 5pm, Mon-Thurs and be sure to leave with us your contact information. We will begin the process as soon as possible and will remain in contact with you about the status of your video.

Duplication and Conversion
Duplication is a way to back up audio-visual data or distribute it among a number of people, while conversion is an important way of ensuring content stored on older formats doesn’t expire with age.

Converting: To VHS To CD To DVD To Digital Format
From VHS Yes Yes Yes
From Mini DV (camcorder) Yes Yes
From CD Yes Yes
From DVD Yes Yes
From Digital Format Yes Yes Yes
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