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Educational Technology

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Microsoft Teams is a versatile collaborative software that has many functions ideal for creating an online workspace for classes or departments. In addition to having the ability to hold meetings, users can also create a space to upload files, share notes, and have discussions, as well as many more features:

  • Live, real-time screen sharing: hosts can choose to share their screen with all attendees in order to present topics and documents such as PowerPoints, PDFs, quizzes and assignments, and even videos
  • Recording: users have the option to record their meetings for later viewing.
  • Attendance tracking: a list of participants can be seen during the meeting, and can be downloaded afterwards for accurate attendance records.
  • Participant controls: a host has the ability to mute individual or all attendees if there is disruptive noise interfering with the lecture, and suspending or expelling a user from a meeting can also be done when necessary.
  • Organization tools: Teams allows each user to cultivate a learning environment unique to their needs, including the ability to create separate "channels" for discussions on different topics, as well as a dedicated tab for files which can be accessed by everyone in the class, such as syllabi or worksheets.


Is there a way for me to take attendance so I don’t have to write everyone’s name down?
During a meeting, on the right-hand participants panel
you will see an ellipsis button which will bring up more options when clicked; the last option will say "Download participants list." Clicking on this will download a Microsoft Excel file of all attendees and their times joined. This file can be found in your Downloads folder on your computer, and can also be opened as a simple text file.

How do I share my Power Point, blackboard, a video or another document?

In your meeting window, you can find the share icon:
This will bring up a window which will allow you to share a specific application, your entire screen
, or a file directly with your attendees.
(You may find the share icon either in the upper right area of the window, or on the bottom of the screen in a row of other icons).


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