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Disability-Related Resources: Home

Resources for students with disabilities

You are not alone

The number of students with disabilities in colleges is growing. In 2003-4, 12.4% of community college students reported having a disability. There are many more students who never disclosed their disability or who -- as in the case of learning or cognitive disabilities -- did not know they had one.

There are many types of disabilities: physical, learning, sensory, cognitive, developmental, mental illness. Each person with a disability is offered services to enable him/her to succeed academically. We encourage anyone with a disability -- or suspects they may have one -- to register or consult with the staff in the SAS office. In addition, this guide may offer help or direct you to other resources.

Contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

SAS Handbook

Please ask for help!

When you're in the library, please make your needs known. Some examples:

If learning by audio or video is easier for you, we may be able to find an authoritative source on YouTube or recommend a research database that offers articles in MP3 format.

If you have difficulties reading the computer screen, we can show you how to easily enlarge the text.

If English is not your first language or if you prefer articles written at a level that is easier to understand, there are resources that can match the reading level to your preference.


National data trends also show that students with disabilities are most commonly found in two-year institutions and in recent years completion rates for community college students with disabilities have increased from 11% in 2003 to 16% in 2007 (NCES 2004, NCES 2008).

Student Accessibility Services Office

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