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Lexile Scores for Reading: Select a Reading Level: Lexile Scores (Reading Levels)

Lexile Scores help the reader select books and articles at an appropriate reading level. Very helpful for students who have difficulty reading some texts because English is not their primary language or because of learning/cognitive disabilities.

What is a Lexile Score?

girl matched with appropriate bookA Lexile score is a standard score that matches a student’s reading ability with the difficulty of the reading material.

When reader's score and that of the reading material are the same, the student is expected to read with 75% comprehension – difficult enough to be challenging without undue frustration and to encourage reading progress.

Scores range from 200 to 1700.

Lexile measures are a measure of text difficulty. They do not address age-appropriateness, student interest, or the quality of the text.

Library Databases That Use Lexile Scores

In many of the library's online databases, it is possible to select articles within a Lexile range. Use the "advanced search" option.

Most of the databases also offer audio options and translation capabilities.

Reading a Lexile Score

Sample Lexile Texts

Improve Your Reading Ability with Lexile Measures

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