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College Info: myCommNet & Banner Self Service

Information Technology

You may contact the Information Technology Department either in person, by phone or email.


  • N323 (Third floor of the North Building)



  • 203-285-2040; or ext. 52040 from any campus telephone

Fall 2020 IT Department Office Hours

Monday through Friday- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Computer Login Instructions

Please follow the instructions if you have never had a password before.

USERNAME: Your 8-digit Banner


   First Time ONLY Password

  •   first three letters of your birth month, with the first letter capitalized (when typing the first letter of your bith month always use the Shift key to capitalize the letter, do not use Caps lock.)
  •   the ampersand (Shift/7)
  •   and last four numbers of your Social Security Number

              Eample: Dec&1234

You will receive a message that says "You must change your password."

Set up new password - at least 8 characters, inlcuding at least 3 of the following (do not use anyything personal, no part of your first or last name, birthday, etc.) :

  •   Capital letters
  •   Lowercase letters
  •   Numbers
  •   These symbols (!, $, #, %)

              Example: Gateway2017

You will be prompted to change your password every 90 days.

When you are done, go to myCommNet to establish a security question and answer.

** Students without a Social Security Number need to see the IT Department (N323)  **

Locked out of your account?

1. Call the IT Office at 203-285-2040

2. Reset it at the kiosk located across from the elevators on every floor in the North building

3. Visit the IT Office in the North Building, Room 323

To reset your password you must have first established a security question and answer. If you have not selected a security question or cannot remember the answer to the question, please go the IT Office to reset your password.

Option #1

  • Go to myCommNet
  • Under "Forgot your NetID or your Password" click on Password
  • You will be redirected to a webpage where you can reset your password

Option #2

  • Use a password reset kiosk which are located near the elevators on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the College between the North and South Buildings.

Navigating Banner

When printing from Banner Self-Service (for example schedules, transcripts, class rosters etc.) you may notice that the print size is too small, part of the text gets cropped, or not all of the pages print.

You may need to experiment with your print settings to get different types of documents to print correctly. Some may need to be printed in portrait while others need to be printed landscape, some may need have the percentage size adjusted as well. Settings can also vary from one web browser to another.

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